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Founded as a call to action to provide a safe space for women to share in safety and non-judgement, Woman Discover Thyself came to life in Dekalb, Illinois in 2015. Lesa Butler, the founder and visionary behind this illustrious organization, was a teacher who simply wanted to give the mothers of her students a sense of belonging. Woman, Discover Thyself was originally the title of a book idea of Butler’s, a book designed to guide women down the road to self-discovery. Soon, the book became a women’s conference and an annual gathering place for women to fellowship with one another.

WDT seeks make meaningful contributions to diverse groups of women in the areas of mental and physical health, education, entrepreneurship, and community service. The organization houses veterans in various fields such psychology, education, dentistry, nursing, counseling, and finance. In addition, WDT counts among its membership a dynamic group of speakers, authors, and coaches such as psychology specialists, etc. 

Woman, Discover Thyself will continue to be a driving force in the area of women’s empowerment and self-actualization. Moving forever in the spirit of sisterhood, support, and non-judgement, Woman, Discover Thyself is excited to look for new and innovative ways to continue to serve in the future.

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